You are hereBayindir Limani (Kas) to Fethiye - Days 36 & 37 - 2nd & 3rd September 2009

Bayindir Limani (Kas) to Fethiye - Days 36 & 37 - 2nd & 3rd September 2009

By pshipley - Posted on 03 September 2009

Bright (?) and early (??) Sean and JB arrived and we set sail. As we did not have as much time as initially anticipated on account of our 'bright and early' start, we headed to Yesilkoy Limani, a bay just the other side of Kalkan.  Although Sean had never set foot on a sailing yacht before JB had been sailing since he was a child so with an extra pair of competent hands and an extra pair of willing hands we arrived at our destinantion mid-afternoon with plenty of time for a swim.


The girls had Sean and JB in the water immediately and persuaded them into diving competitions and synchronised 'bombing' off the side of the boat.  I'm not sure who collapsed with exhaustion first, but it certainly wasn't the girls.


Over dinner we cracked a bottle of the finest french champagne that we had on board (we only had one bottle) on account of JB finally managing to convince a girl that he would make a fine french husband.  After we watched some extremely confusing and complicated children's movie,  I think it was called 'Igor'.


Just as we were all dropping off to sleep there was a shout from the deck and everyone scrambled up to look.  The skipper had noticed that the lines that we had taken ashore earlier had gone slack.  This could only mean one thing, the anchor was dragging and we were drifting perilously close to the rocks....


After a short, frantic, discussion it was decided that with plenty of hands on board we would sail overnight :-)


So we upped anchor and away we went off toward Olu Deniz.


Sean sailing

We arrived at Olu Deniz around 6.30am, just as the sun was thinking about poking it's head above the horizon - you will have to trust the skippers account on this due to the fact that all of the willing hands the night before had, in fact, decided to sleep.  The indefatiguable skipper cruised up and down the beach looking for a decent place to anchor.  Finding none obvious we went around the corner to the next bay.


Eventually the ever willing crew were woken by a quick slap around the head and told to get the lines ready to tie us to the shore.  Of course I only refer to the recent additions to the crew, the Skipper knows better than to try this trick on the existing crew.


Soon enough we were swimming and diving and sleeping.  JB trawled around the other yachts in the bay to see who taken him to either Olu Deniz or Fethiye so that he could catch a bus to Antalya where he was due to meet his brother the next day.  Eventually he found a Turkish fisherman prepared to run him the 5 minutes around the corner for a very reasonable €75.


Once we found out what JB was planning to do, we, in no uncertain terms, told him not to be so daft.  So shortly after lunch we upped anchor and set sail yet again for the short hop around the corner to Fethiye where we moored up at 'Yes Marina'.


As this would be the boys last night with us the skipper decided that a farewell tipple was in order.  So after a fantastic meal arranged by the Marina, the kids and The Admiral were sent packing back to the boat whilst the boys kept the Turkish brewery, Efes, afloat in these troubling economic times.


Eventually the boys ended up in an upclass establishment called the 'Car Cemetery', where the walls are festooned with bits of, you guessed it, old automobiles.  The fact that a tour party of 12 NZ and AU girls happened to be drinking there was completely  irrelevant.


At around 3am we eventually commenced the journey back the the boat which was that way, or was it that way?   We ended up having a very serious  discussion at an ancient, ruined amipheatre, about life in olden times - or so Sean told me the next day.


Finally we arrived back at around 5am and rolled into bed.  When we awoke in the morning JB had jumped ship, presumably to find a bus/lift to Antalya.

 JB aka Monsier Le Frog

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