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The Boat

By pshipley - Posted on 12 October 2008

I thought I would start with jotting down our idea's about the type of boat that I think we want. I have read a huge number of differing opinions on the Internet and I have come to the conclusion that we want a catamaran.
I know that it is not a popular choice of boat in many quarters but the primary factors are:

  • It is easier to sail shorthanded - useful for inexperienced sailors
  • It provides a flat platform - I'm not really sure I fancy living at 30 degrees
  • Hard to sink - unless run down by a tanker, which I am hoping to avoid
  • The relatively shallow draft allowing you to visit places that a stonking keel prohibit
  • Faster than a monohull - not that I intend to race anywhere!!!
  • The relative space and conform over a similar sized mono I have no idea which one yet - however I must say that the Lagoon 420 Hybrid has, for some reason, caught my eye.

We'll see......

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