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Bodrum - Day 57 - 23rd September

By pshipley - Posted on 23 September 2009


37° 2' 3.2928" N, 27° 25' 26.94" E

An early start as we wanted to get to Bodrum by lunch so that we could see the castle in the afternoon.  The 28nm journey was pretty uneventful and we were moored up in no time at all.  Bodrum marina is fantastic, the settling, the enviroment and the staff - naturally such things are not cheap so we were determined to spend as little time in the marina as possible.


We worked our way around the harbour towards the castle, stopping for lunch on the way.  At the harbour front restaurant we saw an octopus 'swimming' in the sea.


After lunch it was into the castle.  The Castle of St Peter is currently laid out as per the Knights of St John who did a considerable amount of construction circa 1400, although the site has been fortified at least since the days of Mausolus (it was from his impressive shrine that the word mausoleum was coined, and the shrine was trashed by the Knights for building material at the castle) around 370BC. 


Besides being an historic building in it's own right, the castle is also home to Turkey's Museum of Underwater Archaeology with impressive collection of recovered artefacts.

Some of the amphorae recovered in the surrounding seas

Old style stone and wood anchors recovered

For those classically trained, Bodrum's ancient name was Helicarnassus and was home to Herodotus.

It's all greek to me


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