You are hereBoz Burun - Days 48 & 49 - 14th and 15th September

Boz Burun - Days 48 & 49 - 14th and 15th September

By pshipley - Posted on 15 September 2009


36° 41' 26.1636" N, 28° 2' 27.1896" E

We decided to anchor outside the harbour in Boz Burun as we knew we would be there for a few days.   I had noticed that the handles were becoming detached from the dingy and the glue had I purchased had a curing time of 24 hours.  So when we arrived it was the first task before the swimming and snorkelling could commence.


We were anchored at 36 41.480N 28 02.433E, if you should find yourself in the neighbourhood with diving gear then you wouldn't recover my bucket would you - it's lying in 8 metres.  I'd be eternally grateful.


Next it was time to try out our new bosuns chair.  I went up first to look at the bulb on the tricolour.  Then Erica demanded a turn 23m up the mast.

I can see the pub from here


After Miriam wanted a go, but as she was almost slipping out of the chair I decided that the first spreaders were high enough for her.


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