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Caunos & Dalyan - Day 42 - 8th September

By pshipley - Posted on 08 September 2009

We decided to leave Mirica at anchor for the day and hired a local fishing boat to take us up the Dalyan River to see the ruined city of Caunos.


Caunos, or sometime Kaunos, was the first place we visited on the Carian coast of Turkey and very clearly you can see influences of its Lycian neighbours, especially in the rock tombs close to Dalyan town.


The first settlements were 10th century BC and is first mentioned in literature by Herodotus in 5th century BC.  The city grew to be an important harbour, but today we had wind our way through 5km of swamp and marsh to reach it from the sea.

The water in the mid ground is the original harbour - the sea is now behind the far mountain 

Erica and Miriam sitting on something older than their dad!!!

After a few hours wandering around the ruined Agora, Roman Baths, amphitheatre etc, it was back to the fishing boat for a few more miles up the river to Dalyan.  Overlooking Dalyan are some fantastic tombs, one partially complete which gives good insight into how they were built.


 Caunos become rich in historical times exporting salted fish and today the fish trade is still a major contributor to the local economy.  The river is dammed just prior to the marshland and a local man is employed to drop the gatre for each boat entering or leaving the river.

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