You are hereCiftlik to Bozuk Buku - Day 47 - September 13th

Ciftlik to Bozuk Buku - Day 47 - September 13th

By pshipley - Posted on 14 September 2009


36° 34' 27.3" N, 28° 0' 42.4404" E

The sail to Bozuk Buku was fantastic according to my notes and we managed a top speed of 8.4knts.   Bozuk Buku is a huge bay with an ancient ruined castle guarding the entrance.  We anchored right at the back of the bay and took the dingy ashore with a view to walking around to the castle.


Unfortunately the ruined castle proved to be too far in the fading sunlight, however we all (except Al) had a good rock climb to the highest peak.

On the way back we found a tortoise lying on it's back with it's little legs frantically (relatively speaking) waving in the air.


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