You are hereCineviz to Alanya - Day 23 - 20th August 2009

Cineviz to Alanya - Day 23 - 20th August 2009

By pshipley - Posted on 20 August 2009

Wow what a day.......


As it is a good 70nm across the Bay of Antalya, an early start was called for and we upped anchor at 6.30am.  People who know me will be shocked to see I am capable of anything at such an ungodly hour.


The sail started like normal but by 8am we were looking at high teen's winds from the north.  Wave were breaking over the bow of the boat and for the first time I thought it prudent to have the lifejackets on deck.   Over the next 3 hours the winds upped towards 25 and the amount of sail we had out gradually decreased, until we had 2 reefs in main and 3 in head.  By this time Alyson was feeling decidedly queasy and eventually fed the fish her breakfast.


Over the next 3 hours the wind slowly swung around to the west, directly behind us, and fell away to a mere 10 knots and in order to keep up the required speed we had to motorsail.  After 6 hours of plodding along the wind continued it's swing to the south and dropped to zero before suddenly picking up again so that we could turn off the engine and sail into Alanya looking like professionals.


It was a relief to finally moor up after nearly 14 hours, experiencing wind through 180 degrees, from 25 to 0 and back to 10.


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