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Datca - Day 53 & 54 - 19th and 20th Spetember

By pshipley - Posted on 20 September 2009

Yesterday was spent reprovisioning mostly at the giant Migros (a large supermarket chain).  Saturday is also the local market day so we spent some time investigating the wares on sale and ended up purchasing some more clothes. 


Erica went up the mast again today to try and recover the wifi gadget - we hoist it 10 metres up the mast to try and get a better signal across the marina to the resturant or bar that we have managed to find the password to.  Unfortunately in the winds it became disconnected from the laptop and was swinging wildly.  So we strapped the eldest in and sent her upwards to recover the precious equipment.  She's getting quite good at this now.


Today was spent cleaning the boat from top to bottom, it is amazing how dusty they get inside, and then filling the water tanks in preparation for tomorrow's departure.


Late yesterday 6 charter boats arrived filled with middle aged Germans determined to have a good time.   We were woken this morning by one of them with a bugle.  Periodically throughout the day we have had the aforementioned brass and then this afternoon they pulled out an accordian and started on the drinking songs.  Today is a holiday in Turkey on account of the end of Ramadan and the locals were egging the Germans on.  Made for a very entertaining day all round.  Lets hope they don't wake too early in the morning a repeat the reveille.

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