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Day 1 - Arrival in Turkey

By pshipley - Posted on 28 July 2009

The big day has arrived at last.  I'm not sure any of us got much sleep last night what with last minute packing, the farewell party for the immediate family and the general excitement of it all.


Granny Shipley arrived promptly at 8.30am to take us to Gatwick airport and the drive down was pretty uneventful.  We arrived just before midday - the time when we agreed to meet Peter and Carrie, 2 experienced sailors who were are going to help us for the first week or so getting to know Mirica and help us increase our skills.


The plane was only 30 minutes late in taking off, but die to a favourable tail wind arrived at the alloted hour.  Remarkably our taxi-cum-minibus driver was also on time, a first in all our trips to Turkey.


We finally arrived at Kemer Marina around 10.30pm, and there before us was our beautiful Beneteau Oceanis, waiting patiently for us to begin the latest phase of our life.


The temperature was a bit of a shock.  We knew from forecasts that it was going to be around 40C, but know it somehow didn't prepare us for the shear oppressiveness of it.  I guess the rubbish weather in the UK in the last few weeks didn't help.


Alan, the previous owner of the boat, had prepared an extensive and comprehensive 'Welcome Aboard' check list, detailing step by step the sequence I should follow in opening her adn turning on the various pieces of equipment.  One step was to fit the hand rail to the passerelle (a type of 'gangplank') so that everone could board safely.  The instruction included a very helpful suggestion NOT to lose a certain screw,  Alyson promptly dropped in into the sea!!!!


Moving all out gear on was an exhausting process - huge heavy bags being manhandled down the narrow passerelle, and down the steep steps to the main saloon.   Peter and I were wringing wet with sweat once the task had been completed.


We were all hot, bothered and a little bit peckish, so we trooped off to the Marine bar for cold beers, wine, cola and some nosh.  It must have been pushing 1am by the time we crawled onto (far to warm to crawl into) our beds.


The adventure has begun...........

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