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Day 2 - Kemer to Cineviz

By pshipley - Posted on 29 July 2009

After the late hour we crawled into bed, I was expecting a late start to the day.  How wrong I was.  At 7am Turkish time (5am UK time) we were up trying to find various lockers and hideyholes to put all our things into.  


First view of our new boat in daylight

As the morning progressed and things started to find a temporary home, the temperature began to rise.  Once most things were away we started working through Alan's list of 'important stuff' noting what was where.


By mid morning we sent the adult girls off to find some provisions with strict instructions not to forget the beer, whilst Peter and I tried to figure out how to inflate the dingy.  We had more success than the girls who had to visit 3 supermarkets in total to find what they were looking for.


By early afternoon we were ready.  I called up the marina for the the joker boat to help us with the mooring lines and we were off for our first sail in Mirica.   We had decided to head to Cineviz, a small, hopefully deserted, anchorage in a bag around 15nm south of Kemer.


Unfortunately the wind was on our nose so we had to tack out a considerable way into Antalya Bay before turning back on the opposite tack.  After 3 hours sailing it became apparant that we would struggle to make the bay before darkness.  So with some disappointment we turned on the engine for the last hour.


Finally we were there, we found that we were sharing the bay with a couple of other yachts and 2 Turkish tourist gullets - not as bad as I feared.  We dropped the anchor and the girls went for their first swim from back of the boat.  


Cineviz looking towards Mount Olympus

This piece of writing is extraordinarily useful and I enjoyed it a lot. I will be coming back to this blog in the future. I found lots of interesting information here.

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