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Day 3 - Cineviz to Finike

By pshipley - Posted on 30 July 2009

I think it is far to say we didn't all sleep the best, a combination of excitment and heat.  Never the less we were up early for breakfast and ready to set sail at 10.30.


Alyson took the helm on the exit of the bay whilst I looked after the anchor.  The winds were even worse today, F1/2 and on the nose again, so we motored with just the main out.


We noted a group of small islands and looking at the the charts a small bay on Adalari looked perfect for lunch.  However it transpired to be completely unsuitable and so we headed back to the mainland and a went into the bay at Karagoz Koyu.  After lunch and a swim we set off for Finike and there was still not wind to speak off.


Finally the winds picked up at 15.45 and we could turn off the engine for the final 8 miles.  Erica took the helm and steered a lovely course towards the marina.  On the final few miles the winds really started to get a little brisk and we managed to touch 9.8kn according to the log.


I was a little apprehensive as we came into Finike - this was going to be the first time that I moored up, a time when traditionally the most expensive mistakes occur.  As we followed the joker boat to our alloted berth I noted that we were coming in next to a large 57' Beneteau - eek.  However I managed to park up with no problems at all.  In all 32.75nm in 5 hours.


I hope I don't break her...

Next I was off the the marina office to do the paperwork for the first time.  All went smoothly and the relieved me of €48 which was a little more that I was expecting.


We all then trooped off into town to find a nice resturant for dinner.  A couple of bottles of wine later we stumbled back to the Mirica for bed.

Sounds fantastic....if a little lacking in wind...the installation of air conditioning featured in conversation yet...?!...sounds like your setting the seeds for a fabulous lifestyle!....sail...find a beer and wine...must be awful...


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