You are hereDay 4 - Finike to Gokkaya Limani, Kekova Roads

Day 4 - Finike to Gokkaya Limani, Kekova Roads

By pshipley - Posted on 31 July 2009

Started of the day doing one or two jobs.  Alyson, Peter and Carrie went to find a supermarket to stock up with provisions, whilst Erica and I cleaned the boat.  Miriam drew pictures.


I also decided to fill one of the fresh water tanks - a little later I realised that we had no water in tank 1 but the starboard toilets were very clean :-) whoops.


Then off to a find a bank to change some money.  Not all banks in Turkey change money - the nearest one to Finike marina in out of the main gate to the right, follow the main road to Attaturk park where you will find Ziraat Bankasi.  Not sure if the exchange rate is any good, but it was it was 10% better than we got in the UK.


After a quick lunch we set sail at 14.00.  We took it pretty easy heading SW whilst Peter showed us some of the finer arts of tuning the sails.  A bit cooler that previous days around 32C, when the wind is taken into account very pleasant.


As we came around the headland at Bunda Bu south of Finike we realised we were heading into 2knts of current, the first time we really experience much in the Med.  After a few hours we were at the eastern end of the Kekova Roads.  We threaded our way through the various rocks and tourist gullets until we ended up in a fairly quiet bay called Gokkaya Limani.


All around us, doted in the hill side we can see ancient ruined buildings.  The surround area is fjord like, but on a much smaller scale, naturally it is a little hotter that the real fjords!!!

 This was the view we woke upto the next morning.

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