You are hereDay 5 - Messing Around Kekova Roads

Day 5 - Messing Around Kekova Roads

By pshipley - Posted on 01 August 2009

Woke up relatively early and gentle motored to Kale Koy taking in the surround ruins and sarcophaghi that litter the surrounding hills.


Arrived around 11.45,dropped the anchor slightly off-shore and we all got into the dingy to row to the shore.  Peter was controlling one oar and Carrie the other - after 5 minutes of going around in circles I we somehow managed to make a wiggly line to land.


High above Kale Koy is an ancient castle ruins, so in the hottest part of the day we climbed to the top. The view was fantastic with views across the straits.

Kale Koy.


After the morning of shopping and sight seeing we crossed the straits to a small bay named Tersane for a spot of swimming, before heading back to Hassan's restuarant for dinner.

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