You are hereDay Trip to Kastellorizo - Day 34 - 31st August 2009

Day Trip to Kastellorizo - Day 34 - 31st August 2009

By pshipley - Posted on 31 August 2009

Tourist visas for Turkey are only valid for 90 days.  Ours were getting on for 60 days since we made a trip in June to sail with Sue and Alan before we took delivery of the yacht.  As Kastellorizo is only 3km from Turkey we decided to make a day trip and renew our visas.


We could have sailed Mirica across, but the formalities of leaving Turkey, checking into Greece and then reversing the process would have taken our blood pressure dangerously close to critical.  Instead we jumped on the ferry boat for the 20 minute journey.


The island has a long and varied history being occupied at various times by Dorian Greeks, Knights of St. John, Eygpt, Naples, Ottoman, Italy, UK, Turkey before formally joining the greek state in 1948.  In it's heyday in the late 19th century over 10,000 people inhabited the island and it was an important harbour on the Fethiye - Beirut route.  Today there is something like 400 inhabitants, virtually all living around the harbour.  More of the fascinating history can be read here



We spent the day wondering around the small houses that line the harbour and had a spot of lunch at a greek taverna.


Not being a muslim country it is also possible to buy bacon - mmmmmm.  We stocked up well and smuggled it back in to Turkey with us.  We also aquired some for our friends on Octopus.


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