You are hereFethiye - Day 38 - 4th September 2009

Fethiye - Day 38 - 4th September 2009

By pshipley - Posted on 04 September 2009

 JB left us early this morning to catch a bus to Antalya so that left 5 of us to go and explore Fethiye. 


We caught the Dolmus into town and went to find the Lycian tombs cut into the cliffs above the town. As this is Turkey there are no signposts to this tourist attraction but google earth had given us a good idea of the general area so we managed to find our way there through some little back streets. The largest of these tombs is open to the public and both girls had a turn at being 'dead'.

 Miriam playing dead in a 6,000 year old Lycian Tomb

Later that evening Sean also left us to go to Istanbul so were back to just 4 - not all hitch-hikers are like the ones you see in horror movies!

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