You are hereFethiye to Ekincik - Days 39-41 - 5th to 7th September

Fethiye to Ekincik - Days 39-41 - 5th to 7th September

By pshipley - Posted on 07 September 2009

After leaving Fethiye we headed towards Gocek and spent the night in a small bay just before the main town called Innice Iskelesi.


The next day we headed south and ended up spending a very rolly night in Ragged Bay.  Not much sleep was had that night.


On Monday 7th we set out for Ekincik and for quite a while that morning we had an armed escort.  In total 5 boats with guns on wandered around us at various times.  Not sure if The Coastguard had tipped them off about our illegal stowaways, but fortunately we were clean, for once :-)

 Today he rules the seas - well the bit around me anyway

At Ekincik there is a huge long beach.  Once we were safely anchored in 5 metres, I left the kids swimming whilst I went off to explore the local surrounds.  About an hour later Al and the kids came looking for me.  They found me very quickly, I hadn't made it past the first bar, Turkish landlords are very persuasive in getting you to sample their fare.

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