You are hereFirst Night Sail - Days 29 & 30 - 26th and 27th August 2009

First Night Sail - Days 29 & 30 - 26th and 27th August 2009

By pshipley - Posted on 27 August 2009


36° 9' 51.1596" N, 29° 48' 6.9012" E

Time to get back to sailing again.  Brigitte and Gerry of Octopus, a couple we had become friendly with, had left a few days before hand and after a few text messages we found out they were at Polemus Buku in Kekova Roads.


Another early start, casting off the mooring lines at 6.30am.  This is becoming a bad habit!  As normal motorsailing as the winds were too feeble to make any decent progress. 


Shortly after setting off Alyson and I decided it was a bit chilly and went below to get a sweater.  We looked at the temperature and noted that it was only 25C - we obviously have become aclimatised, something I thought would never happen in the first few days when we were actually melting.


We crossed the Bay of Antalya and anchored at 20:00 in the bay Cavus Limani where we had dinner.


At 22:00 we pulled up the anchor and commenced our first night sail.  Erica stayed up with me most of the night whilst Alyson and Miriam slept below.  At 4am Alyson came up to relieve us and I got 2 hours sleep, before waking to see the dawn at 6am.


By 8am we had arrived in Polemos Buku and anchored close to Octopus.   After a quick hello with Brigitte and Gerry, it was back to Mirica for some sleep.

Brigitte and Gerry and their website


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