You are hereHanging out in Alanya - Day 24-28 - 21st-25th August

Hanging out in Alanya - Day 24-28 - 21st-25th August

By pshipley - Posted on 25 August 2009

For a variety of reason we spent 5 days hanging out in Alanya.  Time to get some jobs done, cleaning, washing and buying provisions.


Taralee had their daughter and grand daughter visiting. Being 9 years old the grand daughter naturally hooked up with our kids and I think the 3 of them had a ball, swimming, playing Nintendo and visiting a water park.  Taralee also organised a BBQ on their catamaran,  it was interesting to go for a sail on a cat as we had, at one time, contemplated buying one.

Nev from Taralee enjoying champagne with Alyson

Being a bit of a party animal Nev also organised for a few boats to visit an Irish bar for an evening of karaoke.  The children begged me not to sing, but after a few beers Nev persuaded me to do a duet with him.  Half way through the song the git buggered off and left me to finish off on my own.  The whole bar begged me not to repeat the performance!


We also had a very interesting dinner with one of the investors in the Alanya Marina project.  He owns a couple of hotels in the area and his restaurant was fantastic, the best food we have eaten so far, and on the whole we are finding turkish cuisine to our liking.

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