You are hereKaraloz to Cineviz - Day 22 - 19th August 2009

Karaloz to Cineviz - Day 22 - 19th August 2009

By pshipley - Posted on 19 August 2009

Time to start thinking about heading back to Alanya Marina.  Today it was an 8 hour sail back to the anchorage of Cineviz, the first place that we sailed to when we first took delivery of Mirica.


As normal the wind was pretty shocking and so the engine was on all day :-(  The sailing was pretty uneventful,  however we did our first 'goose wing' - this is when one sail is to the left and one to the right.  It looks like this:

Arrived in the bay and decided to anchor near to a couple of other boats that were there already, but decided I was too close so we moved across to the other side of the bay where we were all alone.


Just as we were settling down for dinner a darn gulet came and decided to anchor next to us.  I was free anchored which means that the nose of the boat would always point into the wind, so as the wind swings around so do we.  The gulet kapitan decided that he would tie a line ashore and as he was tightening up his anchor and line he was getting closer and closer to us.  


Suddenly it became apparent that we would hit.  Al dived into the locker to try and get a fender out, but we had left it too late.  I managed to hold him off while his passengers looked on aghast.  Words were exchanged and the kapitan had the nerve to say it was my fault as I didn't have a line ashore, I pointed out that I was over 50m from the shore and didn't have a line long enough and as there was a virtually empty bay why didn't he bugger off and find a clear spot.

It became apparent that he had no intention of moving so I relented and look a line ashore.  My estimation of distance was a little off, we were only 45m from the shore and I did have enough line in the end.


We then had the pleasure of listening to a boat full of turkish tourist singing all night acapello.


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