You are hereKaraloz - Day 20 & 21 - 17th and 18th August 2009

Karaloz - Day 20 & 21 - 17th and 18th August 2009

By pshipley - Posted on 18 August 2009


36° 10' 52.7664" N, 29° 53' 18.1716" E

We had heard from a number of people that the Karaloz inlet on the southern side of Geyikova island is spectacular.  So we decided to head out there to see for ourselves.


We left mid morning and managed to sail all of the way!!!!  Mind it is only about 5 miles.  As we were nearing the entrance to the cove I noted that we were being tailed by a catamaran sailing at approximately the same speed.  Near the entrance there are a few small rocky outcrops/islands.  Being ever cautious, I decided to go outside them, whereas the cat cut through the inside.  When we had cleared the outcrop the cat was suddenly upon us, the cheeky bugger must have gone to full revs whilst we were out of sight of each other.  


Well I'm not letting that swine nick the best spot, a red mist decended and we too went to full revs.  After about a minute I realised that this was all a bit silly so I let him through, perhaps, as I later found out, not the wisest of decisions I have made.


We entered the cove ancient Port Sant Stefano and it immediately reminded me of the Norwegian fjords I knew so well - naturally they are on a significantly smaller scale and not nearly as breath taking as Geiranger, but still pretty darn good.  


We pottered around to the furthest corner where I noted that the catamaran had nicked the best available spot.  The only one left for us was between some tourist gulets and the dreaded cat and sideways onto the wind.  No problem,  I dropped the anchor and Alyson swam to the shore carrying a line that we would tie onto the stern.


What's taking her so long?, I wondered to myself.  Alyson was standing knee deep on a submerged ledge looking at her feet - meanwhile I was drifting perilously close to the cat.  I looked anguishly towards Al to see is the line was tied on yet and I could winch us clear.  Nope she was still looking at her feet and trying to climb up the ledge.  There was to choice but to pull forward and reverse in again.


As I come back in Al will still struggling, with what I had no idea.  I was becoming more and more agitated(!!!) as again I started drifting onto the cat.  Suddenly a gulet kapitan jumped into a dinghy and rushed to the shore where Alyson was still struggling.  He jumped onto land, grabbed the rope and I pulled us taut and out of harms way.


Once the drama was over I saw that the kapitan was also looking at Al's feet.  She gingerly hopped into his dingy and he brought her back to Mirica.  What the **** was that all about, we nearly crashed twice?  She showed me her feet and I could see the blood flowing from them.  Concerned I looked closer and saw that they were covered with sea urchin spines.  We soaked her feet for 30 minutes or so and I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to pick them out with a needle and tweezers.  Time to invest in swim shoes methinks.


Once we had settle down it was time for the ritual swim/snorkle.  As promised the waters were exceedingly clear and a good time was had by all.


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