You are hereKaraoz Limani to Kale Koy - Day 19 - 16th August 2009

Karaoz Limani to Kale Koy - Day 19 - 16th August 2009

By pshipley - Posted on 16 August 2009

Heading back to our favourite area so far - Kekova Roads - with a view to spending a few days exploring some more bays.  For the first night we decided to head back to Hassan's Roma resturant as we could do with some water.


As normal the day started with no wind and we spent the first 3 hours motoring, however I am now using substainly less revs in an attempt to keep our diesel bill at a level Mastercard will accept.  


Naturally after 3 hours the wind swung around and we we into a headwind so I decided to practise my tacking skills and slowly worked our way upto the eastern enterance and then we were there.


Todays photo is from the last trip to Kale Koy when we made the trip, foolishly in the middle of the day, upto the castle.  We were escorted up the clearly marked path by a couple of local ladies.  Their job appeared to be to make sure we didn't get 'lost' as we were guided to the top.  Once there they suddenly remembered that they were carrying a basket of headscarfs each and would we care to buy some, special price for English people!!!

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