You are hereKas to Bayindir Limani - Day 35 - 1st September 2009

Kas to Bayindir Limani - Day 35 - 1st September 2009

By pshipley - Posted on 01 September 2009

We thought it was about time we sailed again so decided to move round to a bay on the other side of Kas where we had been told there was a good restaurant begining with 'N'.  As we approached we saw restaurants on the shore none of which began with an 'N', however on getting closer in we finally spotted a small bay tucked away at the far end with Nuri's Beach Restaurant on the shore. 


After mooring up the girls went for a swim from the beach area whilst we got down to the serious business in the bar.  There were also kayaks on the beach and the girls also spent some time in a 2 person kayak before begging Daddy to go and join them.  


When Daddy finally decided to join in the water he noted something odd in the cliffs high above the bay. Taking each child in turn we paddled to the foot of the cliffs and looked up.  There above us appeared to be 3 Lycian cliff tombs.  After showing off Erica and Daddy decided to go rock climbing to see if we could get upto the tombs.


Notice the rope, this is the hand rail up the cliffs, below it is a near vertical drop of a couple of 100 feet.  Erica didn't appear to be too stressed by the experience, but we agreed to not tell mummy how narrow the path was!!!


On the way up we bumped into two guys on the way down - we said a quick 'Hi!' and thought that would be the last we saw of them.  How wrong we were.


We decided to eat in the resturant on the beach, actually it is expected - if you dock on their mooring, plug into their 'electric city', fill up the water tanks and dump your trash on them, it is only reasonable that you buy at least a coffee.  Over dinner the 2 chaps we spotted whilst tomb raiding came in and sat at a nearby table.  Eventually we called them over and started chatting.


Sean is a Tasmanian backpacker and J.B. is a french highflyer taking a short sabatical.  We ascertained that JB's girl had agreed to marry him that very day by email.  Now call me old fashioned but such a foolish undertaking as marriage should not be negotiated by twitter, facebook nor email.  Kids today........


So we decided to celebrate - first task, send wife and kids to bed, second task order more beer.


After a little while a cooked fish suddenly appeared on our table.  We enquired of the waiter why it had appeared and he replied that it was a gift from the chief Coastguard at another table at the resturant, apparently it was his birthday.  Naturally we send a round of drinks to his table and we were promptly invited over to share his raki.  For the unititiated raki is a turkish aniseed-based firewater.


Some time later, and by now time had become a vague concept, I figured out that we were drinking raki all wrong.  The Turks drink water, sip raki, drink water.  We were drinking beer, drinking raki and drinking beer.  Oh well, too late this time - must try to remember for the next time.


Somehow during the evening we had invited Sean and JB to join us on a sail up to Fethiye - when exactly I don't recall.  During our conversation with The Coastguard this happened to come up, he asked me if I had remembered to add the two guests onto our ships papers.  Oh bugger.


After a few moments of bluster he told me not to worry as we would surely have left in the morning before he came out on patrol.  "What time does your patrol start?" I enquired, "Long after you have left, but I don't know what time the Kalkan Coastguard will start" he replied.   I bought him another round of beer and raki and got the waiter to write down the name, telephone number and boat ID of The Coastguard just incase we met his friend from Kalkan. 

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