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Kas - Day 6

By pshipley - Posted on 02 August 2009


36° 12' 5.832" N, 29° 37' 29.9172" E

We set off at around 11am to head up to Kas.  Arrived 5 hours later and anchored in 'Dolphin Bay' on the north side of the headland.  It's called Dolphin Bay as there is a small dolpinarium for the tourists - the cages were pretty small and it was saddening to see such magnificent, intelligent creatures locked up in this way. 

This was the first time that we had run a line ashore, my climbing nuts worked a treat, we didn't move all night.  

The next morning we set off in search of the ampitheatre, the bank and some supplies.  All were located in that order.  It was 36C and blimmin' hot - fortunately the bank had aircon, so we loitered therr until the security guard throw us out.



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