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Kemer - Day 17 - 14th August 2009

By pshipley - Posted on 14 August 2009


36° 35' 58.8516" N, 30° 34' 39.2484" E

Sailed & motored across the Antalya Bay to Kemer to fill up with diesel, we've burnt through 206 litres in the last 2 weeks, I need to be a bit more gentle with the throttle methinks.


After we anchored in the bay just south of the marina, unfortunately it was full of disco gullets, but I managed to find a spot inside the bay as far away as possible.   Later in the evening, whilst cogitating I noted that another boat had moored up about 50 metres away.  As I peered through the darkness I thought 'who would want to park a dingy there?'.  After a further period of contemplation I thought it looked a bit like our dingy - bugger, the darn thing has tried to escape.


I quickly stripped off and dived in after it.  As I was swimming the 50m or so after the abscondee,  I suddenly had the irrational fear that the fish might mistake a certain part of my anatomy for supper.  I think I swam that 50 metres and back faster than Phelps did in Beijing - and I was towing a dingy for half of it.


The dingy is now tied to the boat with a bowline, reef knot, sheetbend, round turn & several 100 hitches and finally a granny knot - I am placing my faith in the granny knot......


Sorry ladies, no photo of the 'fish bait' - here's one of Miri doing her best dive instead...



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