You are hereKnidos - Day 55 & 56 - 21st and 22nd September

Knidos - Day 55 & 56 - 21st and 22nd September

By pshipley - Posted on 22 September 2009


36° 41' 4.236" N, 27° 22' 26.3316" E

We set off from Datca heading the 20nm west towards the ruined city of Knidos, part of the Dorian Hexapolis.  We had hung around in Datca for 3 days hoping for the Meltemi winds to pass.  According to our local source the winds only last 3 days, we had experienced them for 4 days so he assured us we were safe.


On the final run upto Knidos we were beating into 30knot winds, not at all what we were expecting, and we were still pretty nervous after the scare we had given ourselves on the run into Datca.  So with a few miles to go I pulled in all of the sails and motored into the bay.


The bay was relatively full of boats, mostly yachts but a few gulets.  I would my way towards the head ofthe bay and dropped the anchor in 5 metres.  All was good and the drinks were poured.  The winds were still pretty intense and the boat was swinging on the anchor quite a bit.  After about an hour or so I became convinced that the anchor was slowly dragging, so I pulled it up and reset - this time with success.


I wasn't the only one having trouble with the anchor - a number of other boats were fighting the seabed trying to get a good holding.  Fortunately I had gone to the head of the bay, so all of this was happening behind us.   There were a number of nervous skippers watching those around them very carefully.

The next morning we jumped into the dingy and went to look at the ruins.  The ruins first came to western knowledge in 1812 and since then the site has been partially excavated.  City layout can clearly be seen and covers a huge site.  We spent many hours wandering the site and climbing  the hills.


In the afternoon we decided to walk to the more modern lighthouse at the tip of the Datca peninsula.




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