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Kos - Day 58 & 59 - 24th and 25th September

By pshipley - Posted on 25 September 2009


36° 53' 30.9336" N, 27° 18' 6.9372" E

From Bodrum to Kos it is a massive 10nm, the shortest point between the two landmasses being only 5km.


Entering into the EU for the first time I had to go through the rigmarole of customs, passport control, port police and obtaining a DEKPA, some sort of cruising permit for Greece.  Naturally these things are easily, and cheaply obtained, NOT......


Whilst certain elements could be done in the marina, for other parts I had to go into town to visit the harbour and tax office.  Naturally the marina port police told me this upfront therefore only having to make one journey, NOT.....  Back and forth for 2 days getting thoroughly peeved with each mile I had to tramp along the sea front, back and forth.  If you need any information on the coastal path in Kos I am your man.  I could tell you every pot hole, curb stone and dog turd along the way.  I never actually managed to complete all of the allotted tasks, when she told me I had to go back to the tax office a second time to pay the €0.88 departure tax, I nodded understandingly and set sail for Nisyros.


But before doing the runner we did go into town to look at Hippocrates tree, piles of rocks from the olden days and the Knights castle.

A 500 year old tree that apparently Hippocrates pondered under 2500 years ago

Allied Carpets finest circa 500BC


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