You are hereMarmaris - Days 43-45 - September 9th to 11th

Marmaris - Days 43-45 - September 9th to 11th

By pshipley - Posted on 11 September 2009

Pretty unremarkable sail to Marmaris where we docked at Yacht Marine.  Not much to report from this bastion of sailing in Turkey except the Wifi in the marina is terrible and there are millions of yachts in the area.


On the Thursday we went into Marmaris proper and visited the small castle and the hectic marketplace.


Heavy thunderstorms were expected and they arrive right on schedule over night.  As we knew the storm was incoming we decided to stay in the marina and ride it out.  I didn't have that much sleep that night - I put some extra ropes out to tie the boat to the pontoon but still I was up every 30 minutes checking it all out and making sure we didn't drift off somewhere we shouldn't be



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