You are hereNisyros - Day 60, 61 & 62 - 26th, 27th and 28th September

Nisyros - Day 60, 61 & 62 - 26th, 27th and 28th September

By pshipley - Posted on 28 September 2009


36° 37' 7.9284" N, 27° 10' 14.1816" E

After doing the runner from Kos to avoid the €0.88 departure tax we had a lovely, and lively, 22nm sail to the Greek island of Nisyros.


We decided to hire a car to tour the island and we came to the conclusion the island stinks.  Mostly when someone complains about the smell it is because of my feet, but on this occasion I plead innocent.  Upon further investigation the rotten eggy smell was eminating from the centre of the island where a volcano crater is grumbling away.

What's hot and stinks of rotten eggs?


After looking at the volcano and visiting the volcano museum we toured some of the few villages on the island.

Nikia - a typical greek village in the mountains


Next it was to the 'capital' Mandraki where we wandered the streets for a bit.


Swimming a few hours ago - Dinner in a few hours time




I am absolutely hooked on reading your diary of adventures....but what exactly is that you have netted and hung out to dry? Looked tentacle-like???? Corinne M

 Hi Corinne,


They are octopus tentacles being hung out to dry, presumably by the small restaurant they were outside.


Glad you are enjoying the blog - it's actually a relief to find out someone is reading all of the drivel that I write!!!



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