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Northamptonshire, UK - 7th November 2009

By pshipley - Posted on 07 November 2009

Our week at home is rapidly coming to a close and so it was decided that today we would have a family get together and do a combined Bonfire Night with Christmas dinner.  It is a recent tradition that both events are held at our house each year, as we will be in New Plymouth, NZ this year we decided to bring it forward.  I was also looking for an excuse to have roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding etc as we can't get either in Turkey and the real christmas dinner is likely to be a BBQ on the beach.


An hour before the appointed hour we got a telephone call from Kate, Alysons sister.   Finally she had gone into labour, about bloody time.  I had been pointing out to her all week that the only reason I was in Blighty so to see her new sprog, so could she hurry up and oblige before we had to leave for a land down under.


So with 48 hours to go Joseph John slipped into the world.  Welcome

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