You are herePolemos Buku to Kas - Day 33 - 29th August 2009

Polemos Buku to Kas - Day 33 - 29th August 2009

By pshipley - Posted on 29 August 2009

We decided to spend a few days as Polemos Buku, doing the normal chores such as swimming, snorkelling, reading, snoozing, cogitating etc - this sailing lark is a darn hard life, I'm not sure you guys appreciate the hardships we are having to endure.


On the morning of 28th, Gerry and Brigitte moved off to Kas and the next day we decided to follow them.


Late start today, it wasn't until 9.30 that the anchor was dragged up and we were off.  As the journey was relatively short we had plenty of time to sail and keep the engine turned off, so we spent the day tacking.  I'm not very good yet at figuring out what the apparent wind will be doing when we tack, so I had lots of practise trying to estimate our heading and if I had left it long enough to make it around a particular chunk of hard stuff.


As we approached Kas the winds suddenly got a bit frisky and we quickly had to reef in the sails.  The sea also changed colour from it's normal turqoise to a frothy white and decided to become a bit lumpy.  Whilst I wasn't paying particular attention to the wind gauge, fighting the winds and sea and not running aground taking up most of my limited attention span,  I did note that at least 29kn was attained - officially Force 7 or near gale.


Fortunately we only had to suffer this for about an hour before reaching the shelter of Bucak Deniz, a long inlet north of Kas that reaches right to the edge of town, where as planned we found Octopus and our dear friends Brigitte and Gerry.

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