You are hereSide - Day 15 & 16 - 12 & 13th August 2009

Side - Day 15 & 16 - 12 & 13th August 2009

By pshipley - Posted on 13 August 2009


36° 46' 6.5604" N, 31° 23' 9.7836" E

Getting a bit fed up hanging around Alanya, we eventually decided to head up the cost to Side.  27nm later, much under engine as the winds were a bit feeble we ended up at ancient and remarkably preserved coastal town of Side (prenounced Sid-day).


Unexpectedly we found 'Island Fling' had decided to make the trip too as we anchored in at the southern end of the northern bay.  We did think about trying to get in to the harbour, but we heard it was full of gullets in the summer, later when we checked I think we made the right decision.


We arrived at around 5pm, went for a swim then headed into the old town for some dinner. Not before we had explored the Temple to Apollo near the headland.

Temple to Apollo - Side, Turkey


Next morning we were up bright and early (yeah right!!!) and headed back to land to further explore the myriad of ruins that litter Side.  Most remarkable was the ampitheatre where apparently really gladiator fights took place.  

Side theatre


We wondered the old gates, aquaducts, colonaded roads throughout the morning.  Besides the shear number of ruins in such close proximity, 2 other things struck me:

1. That the sure amount of ruins means that 90% is lying as it has for the last 1000 years or so, unprotected and free for anyone to stroll amongst

2. The number of locals that didn't really know what is there - we purchased a guide book and a number of other store owners asked to read it as we purused their wares (I'm not sure that that qualified us for any discount thought).

You can read more about this remarkable place here.


Sweet photos! Glad the solo sailing's improving. Keep writing for those of us living vicariously through your posts. Maybe we'll slowly find ourselves out there one day.

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