You are hereSimi to Panormitis - Day 65 - 1st October

Simi to Panormitis - Day 65 - 1st October

By pshipley - Posted on 01 October 2009

Spent the day hanging around the harbour reprovisioning, doing school-work and meeting our friends at the Port Police so that we could leave.

Historically Simi is famous for the sponge divers that risked all to harvest the phylum Porifera, often without any breathing equipment, many metres on the ocean floor.  Today the town makes it's money from tourists, selling them imported sponges.  Not quite as romantic, but a lot safer.


Around mid-morning, whilst the kids were trying to concentrate on their school work, the fun and games started as a small German boat attempted to up-anchor and away.  It became apparent that when they arrived they laid their anchor at 45 degrees to the harbour wall instead of the customary 90.   The nett effect of this is that the subsequent arrivals, who did lay at 90 degrees, in effect laid their anchor chains over the Germans'.   Soooooo when they came to leave they found that they couldn't pull up their anchor.


We watched them circling for around half an hour, huffing and puffing, heaving and a hoving.  Being gentlemen of advancing years there was a lot more of the former than the latter.   Eventually I couldn't stand it any longer.  My vocal 'encouragements' were being ignored, perhaps because my choice of Anglo-Saxon words are not readily understood by non-English speakers - admittedly I would be very surprised if this select vocabulary was taught in schools.  So I dived in and swam across to them and took control.


Five minutes later we had managed to pull up the anchor and unhook the other's chains and they were off.

As you can see, sailing brings you to the peak of physical perfection


Once I became bored of basking in the glory of being Anchor-Release Man to all of the marina groupies, it was our turn to pull up the hook and move back to Panormitis, filling up with diesel on the way.  Not much to say on the relatively short 13nm sail.


When we arrived the kids were a little shocked and surprised to see more Germans in the bay.  These were not having trouble with their anchor,  their problem seems to have been that someone had stolen all of their clothes.  I think the swimmers were a little surprised and embarrassed when the kids started giggling, but then they do have a lot to live up to.

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