Brisbane - 12th - 14th November

We arrived mid morning antipodean time a little worse for wear due to the lack of sleep.  The customs people took an interest in us and so clearance took a little longer than normal.  Eventually we stumbled into a taxi and were whisked downtown by our American Samoan driver to the hotel.


Unfortunately the hotel has a 12 noon check-in policy and no rooms were ready.  So we dumped our huge pile of baggage and wandered down to the main shopping precinct.  As Phil had left most of his summer wear on the boat ,shorts, board shorts and T-shirts were the order of the day.


At noon sharp we reappeared at the hotel reception demanding a place to sleep.  Fortunately the key was ready and the luggage was already in the room.  Within 10 minutes the low rumble of syncronised snoring must have been reverberating throughout the 25th floor of a downtown towerblock, freaking out seismologists throughout the Pacific basin.


Our short time in Brisbane was spent in various museums, art galleries and botanical gardens,  the highlight being a ride on the Wheel of Brisbane


Changi Airport, Singapore - 9th - 10th Nov 2009

We are sitting in Singapore's fantastic airport, Changi, waiting for our flight to Brisbane.  So far we have been awake for 28 hours,  so forgive me if I start rambling, hallucinating or stop in mid-sentence, only another 14 or so to go. 


The reason why we have had so little sleep is that we flew from London on the monstrously large Airbus A380, the largest passenger aeroplane in the world.   The entertainment system is first class with every seat (in economy at least, dread to thing what the posh buggers have at the front of the plane) having access to something like 300 movies and TV shows. 750 CD's and 75 computer games.  My pile of books and magazines haven't been touched.


With all that entertainment on hand it hardly seems worthwhile paying for one of the suites that they have on board, if you purchase 2 suites then the dividing wall can be removed to make a double bed and, presumably, your own entertainment.


I'm a little worried that we will all fall asleep and miss the connection, however the kids are doing a sterling job bouncing of the walls and keeping the whole terminal awake.  I think it is the natural excitement of their first visit to Asia, my wife thinks it is the 200g of raw sugar I am feeding them every 20 minutes or so.

Northamptonshire, UK - 7th November 2009

Our week at home is rapidly coming to a close and so it was decided that today we would have a family get together and do a combined Bonfire Night with Christmas dinner.  It is a recent tradition that both events are held at our house each year, as we will be in New Plymouth, NZ this year we decided to bring it forward.  I was also looking for an excuse to have roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding etc as we can't get either in Turkey and the real christmas dinner is likely to be a BBQ on the beach.


An hour before the appointed hour we got a telephone call from Kate, Alysons sister.   Finally she had gone into labour, about bloody time.  I had been pointing out to her all week that the only reason I was in Blighty so to see her new sprog, so could she hurry up and oblige before we had to leave for a land down under.


So with 48 hours to go Joseph John slipped into the world.  Welcome



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