We're In Turkey!!!!!

 Yesterday we flew out to Kemer, Turkey, to see our new boat and start the hand-process from the previous owners.  Arrived quite late and went straight to the hotel and crashed.  We had arranged to meet at the boat at 9, so we set the alarm for 7.  Woken up at appointed hour which I forgot was only 5am UK time, so bit of a shock to the old system.  


Opened the door to the balcony to enjoy the morning sun and was blasted with furnace temperature hot air, I was expecting hot but blimey.


Once I had regained my wits I started to survey the surrounding vista; the jagged mountains behind, the rolling sea in front, the blue sky above, the obligatory wall-to-wall advertising of kebabs, internet cafes, money changing facilities, genuine Gucci jeans, 2 pairs for €20 etc, below.  


In a nearby field a spied what appeared to be camels - I was a bit surprised to see them in Turkey and I moved closer to see if they were one lump or two.  My forearms pressed against the stainless steel railing of the balcony as I strained my poor failing eyes, at which point I screamed and leaped backwards.  The metalwork must have been close to melting point.


Bloody hell - Turkey is hot, and it's only June - I wonder what will August be like.........  I got bored looking at camels, so showered and got dressed.


After breakfast we checked out and waited for the taxi to take us the 500 metres to the marina.  Now before you accuse us of being decadent and lazy, remember that we had our combined body weight in luggage and it was hotter that a Sports Illustrated swim wear edition.  The taxi arrive on time, that's Turkish time (I'll write more about that on a slow day).  And there she was - our beautiful, sleek, slightly exotic, S/Y Mirica (albeit with her current name plastered all over her).


I approached with some trepidation, Alyson had only ever seen photo's before, this was their first meeting.  How would she react when she sees, close-up, what I had spent the kids inheritance on?  Watching her body language closely I enquired what she though and was relived to see both the conscious and sub-conscious reactions were positive.


Sue and Alan, the ex-owners, came on deck and lots of hand shaking and 'how do you do'ing followed. We then headed below and the 5 of us started the process of getting to know each other.   We spent the morning being introduced to all of the intimate areas of the boat and I asked lots of, what I am sure were, stupid questions.


The plan was to spend the morning looking around the boat, then head south and spend the night and a small sheltered bay, before heading over to Alanya tomorrow.  But before we could set off we had to get a new Transit Log for the boat.   For those uninitiated, a Transit Log is like a 'visa' for the boat, and is a legal requirement in Turkey  - it specifies who and what expensive equipment is on board.


We enquired how long it would take to generate the required paperwork and was told, not long, 5 to 10 minutes.  Still being pretty naive I believed him.  An hour or so and 110 Lira later we were legal and ready for the off.


As the crow flies the bay was around 17nm south of us, however the winds were not playing nicely, or our crow was a little tipsy as we zig-zagged down, clocking up a grand total of 30nm and ended up here.



More in a bit......


Licenses Have Arrive

Two letters arrived from YHA H.Q. in quick succession.  The first contained my VHF cert and the second my International Certificate of Competence - yay.  It is now legal for me to skipper anywhere in the world. 
Whilst I passed the exams some time ago, it still feels good to hold the bits of paper in my hand.  As the old saying goes "Simple things......".

Emptying the Freezer

Now only 5 weeks to go......


Today we went shopping, the kids will be please to note that we have their Maths, English and Science school books for the next few months.  I think they think that no school means no school work - boy are they in for a shock!!!


As you will know The Admiral and I are off next week to see S/Y Mirica for a few days with previous owners.  We are taking this opportunity to cart as much stuff as we can Turkey in advance of the actual trip start.  You might have noted in the previous post that we are flying Business Class which gives us a whooping 30kg each.  We spent the afternoon packing as much as we can and are currently at 58kg.  We don't have a single article of clothing in that, but got all of the school books packed.


In these final few weeks we are running down all of the food in the freezer.  I don't know if your freezer is anything like ours, but hidden in the darkest corner are foodstuffs that have lost all trace of packages, acquired from goodness knows who and at some indeterminate time in the past.  So today we had mystery pie and veg - yummy I love pie.  The veg was put on the plates, the gravy made and finally we came to cutting the pie.  It was apple pie.  Bugger.  A quick hunt found some mystery sausages that we had instead; followed by apple pie and ice cream - yummy I love pie.

Heading Back to Turkey

The Admiral is determined to see what I have squander the remains of our treasure on; so on 22nd June we are heading out to Turkey for a few days to visit S/Y xxxx (to be renamed Mirica).
The previous owners of the yacht have kindly agreed to give us a few days orientation before we embark with the kids in July.
We will also take the opportunity to compare the two marinas that we are considering calling 'home' for the foreseeable future.
Due to my international jetset lifestyle, I have accumulated a vast quantity of airline miles, consequently we shall be flying Business Class (don't you know) on Turkish Airlines supposedly for free.  The tickets are free in the sense that you don't have to pay the airline, but you still have to pay the taxes and fee.  My free tickets cost me over £200!!!!
One bit of good news though, as we are Business Class we get to take 32kg of luggage each.  Rest assured we shall fulfil our quote with grams to spare.
Still counting down the days........

VHF Certified

Last Friday I took the Marine Radio Short Range Certificate Course and exam - and incredibly I passed!!!!
I don't have much to say on the subject except it was pretty straightforward and not at all challenging, but another milestone ticked off the Project Plan. The Admiral was satisfied with my performance and I was rewarded with spaghetti bolognaise for my supper. Yummy.
The course was held in Kenilworth and ran by a chap called Harald from the Bilton School of Navigation (email me for details). Harald made the day interesting my interjecting with (sometimes) relevant, but always interesting anecdotes and tales of life on the high seas and in the RAF. I must also add that Harald's wife makes excellent 'builders' tea and put on a lovely spread for lunch. Thank you Mrs S.
Only 9 weeks to go - woot.



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